Earls High School visits Tanzania. February 2019.

Lazy morning in the heat of Dar and the Tanzania 19 awards ceremony …

Finally managed to sort out the arrangements for today at half past midnight when Fred came back from meeting a friend in Dar … and then found this morning that the Catholic secretariat weren’t aware of some of the arrangements … and no Fred here as he had left at 3am … hey ho … we muddled through …

We decided on some Tanzania 19 Awards between the three of us …

The inquisitor: student most likely to ask a question or who is least likely to just let things happen but want to know exactly what and when – Bailey

The student most likely to need his head stitched on so that he doesn’t forget it – Harvey

Most likely to marry into the royal family (in joke on the trip) – Princess Lois

Most thoughtful student with regard to staff (always checking in with us to check we are ok) – Hannah J

Most likely to join the peace corps (we really didn’t hear a lot from her throughout the trip) – Nancy

Social media princess (student most likely to be first on the WiFi at any given point) – Lucy

Student most likely to be eaten by a lion (kept telling us that she wanted to stroke a lion) – Lauren

Student most likely to work with children, and cackler-in-chief – Sophie

Future National Geographic Photographer or explorer – Clem

Most edible student/clumsy (although this was an award hotly challenged) – Grace H who was the only student who rivalled Miss Hackett for being eaten alive by insects.

Student most likely to go from frown to giggle in 2 seconds flat – Molly

Student most likely to regurgitate and deal with the consequences effectively (more details later) – Keira

Students most likely to become a teacher because of aptitude shown, empathy and interpersonal skills – Hannah S, Alice and Grace A.

Student most likely to disappear into a phone box and emerge as superman (due to his excellent cape fashion sense and willingness to help others) – George

Official Earls Masai Master/Kiswahili translator – Barney

Student most likely to go into leadership because of her passion and assertiveness skills – Isobel

Student most likely to kick everyone else off the WiFi because she is using it all to FaceTime, and international fog horn award – Ellie

Student most likely to bring African fashion to Europe – Tom

Student demonstrating the most humility and gentlemanly skills – Hayden

The nicest, most humble, most skilled footballer I have ever met, who is down to earth and gets the balance right – Archie

Student most likely to understand the responsibilities of his position and ensure he fulfils and exceeds expectations – Zach

I have added one last group photo from Tanzania before using the WiFi to make the last post from Tanzania … we will just now wait for the minibuses to arrive to take us to the airport … looking forward to seeing all of you sometime between 9.30 and 10.00am tomorrow, at school (ETA). Quick reminder of a couple of things:

1. I expect all students in school Thursday and Friday and working hard. They will need to catch up on all work and need to be independent in that … teachers will support you but the onus is on the individual … photo copy a friends work or copy a friends notes, check the understanding and go from there.

2. Please consider whether you could support a couple of orphan students in great need by paying for them to be fed one a day in school for two years … it will cost £10 a month for two years … I will sort out the details when we return.

3. If there is a primary school that is serious about developing a relationship with Kaloleni please let me know so that we can discuss it … I can chat to you about my ideas of how it could work etc.

4. We will broadcast a date for a Tanzania 19 reunion, to take place before Easter so that we can share our shared experiences with you the parents, look at some photos and videos and just reflect on what we have achieved …

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