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WiFi woes!

Unfortunately, local WiFi being what it is in Tanzania, Mr Loveday has been unable to post over the last 24 hours. I have been in contact with Team Tanzania this morning and all is well with the party. We expect normal service to be resumed later today….. well, maybe! 🙂

Nearly there …

couple of quick reminders from me today … 1. English sterling is fine so that you don’t need to exchange twice (to dollars then Tanzanian shillings). A few dollars may be useful at Doha but I am sure English sterling can be changed there to the local currency if necessary […]

Sports and games …

the Tanzanian students don’t get many opportunities to play games because money is so tight they cannot afford to spend it on sports equipment … so it is great that we can take all sorts of different games … I have footballs and rounders kit as well as football kits […]